The Silence of my house

Zuzana Smatanová LIVE – CD

text/hudba: Zuzana Smatanová

Silence, oh Silence please don´t leave
our own house …
Comfort, oh Comfort please be thrifty
to our house …
Loyalty, oh Loyalty you can be in need
of us …
Solace, oh Solace please guard our
Silence of house!

Thankful I´m thankful to every support
which helped us …
Hours and minutes today stopped for us …
I resist, I resist the pressure that´s
putin´ on us …
I´m not sure, I´m not sure if I feel
the Silence of house …

How can I be dependent of this kin,
how can I be insane not to be in contact
or without telepathic way!
How noble can be that effect of
dusty-covered furniture if I observe
past-days and than I can see the Silence of house!

Mizery, mizery maybe you won´t know
rooms of our house …
Esteem, oh esteem you were born
into our house …
No letter, no letter in my post-box from
the house …
I´m too far, I´m too far to hear
the heart of my house … the Silence
of house …

The Silence of my house …

sloha:D, A, D, A, D, A, F#mi, G
refrén:D, F/D, G

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