Subscriber of my trust

Svet mi stúpil na nohu

text/hudba: Zuzana Smatanová

What a rare thoughts were born into my head …
What a rare thoughts you can find after my death …

I want you to remember my name
´cos it took me too much energy that
non-stop please others!
I´m not like a moth starved for light
and than burn my wings when I touch it …
Why don´t they understand me?
and my sandalwood can be broken
to a splinter!

I´m not like a bottle of juice with
an instruction :”Shake well before opening!”
and incapable consider human
inner dignity …
Please be brotherly in this plight
and brotherly I´ll know your name!

Where are the letters for me?
Did the postman die?
I sent the request for somebody
better, but I was too much selective
and tend towards dungeon of souls and
pretty hearts and I found only subscriber
of my trust …

Did you inquire about it, how many
ingredients I got into my dinner,
that I´m hungry for?
The details are more important than
entire things … do you want to eat
the same like me?

What a rare thoughts were born into my head …
What a rare thoughts …

akordy (kapo2):
predohra a sloha:A, Dmi
tretia čas»:C, G, Ami, Emi
C, G, Ami, A

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